Low profile CAT 980K in collaboration with PON CATERPILLAR

Welcome to Kiruna Industrial Welding AB

Kiruna Industrial Welding AB is a company run by three generations
Spolander with over 30 years experience..

The company works with manufacturing of

  • Mechanical products
  • Qualified welding with MIG / MAG & TIG
  • Construction of low-built CE marked loaders for Volvo and CAT for the mining industry.
  • Exports to Portugal, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Finland, Ireland and France.
  • Maintenance Jobs & insurance claims
  • Product Development
  • Field Equipped cars with diesel welding and flux cored welding with compressor.
  • Larger bucket repairs such as replacing steel / ground switching is performed with long experience, our customers are from Kiruna in the north to the south Garpenberg.
  • Construction of low-built motor grader.